Night Elves- Junichiro on Foot by Lost Kingdom Miniatures; Resin 3D Print

Night Elves- Junichiro on Foot by Lost Kingdom Miniatures;  Resin 3D Print SALE

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Night Elves are a great proxy for Dark Elves in games of Age of Sigmar or in Dungeons & Dragons. Night Elves models are 32mm scale.

Night Elves- Junichiro on Foot. Assembles 1 model. Includes a 25 MM base. Choice of round or square base.  Please message me with your choice of bases.

Lost Kingdom Miniatures are highly detailed fantasy models perfect for painters and collectors. They are also ideal proxies for use in tabletop games such as Age of Fantasy, Dungeons & Dragons, Warhammer Fantasy, Age of Sigmar, or any other similar miniatures game. 

Lost Kingdom Miniatures can be delivered with the support sprues removed or delivered with the supports still attached to help protect the models during shipping. For support removal I recommend dipping the models in hot water to soften the supports and then carefully removing the supports at the point of contact using clippers or a hobby knife. 

Tabletop Heaven Print On Demand Models

These models are manufactured in house at Tabletop Heaven using liquid resin SLA 3D print technology. A special blend of engineering grade and high resolution resins are used to make the models more durable than standard 3D photoresins, while still maintaining a high level of detail and smooth finish on the models. The models are all washed and cured and the support sprues can be removed prior to shipping or left intact at the buyers discretion. Prints are supplied unassembled and unpainted and may have minor flash or blemishes remaining after the supports have been removed. Prints are made to order and may take up to one week for dispatch depending on order volumes. If you have any issues with your models please message me and I will be happy to work with you to ensure you are completely satisfied with your purchase. 

If you would like to place a large or custom order for 3D printed miniatures please contact Tabletop Heaven for pricing.

Undead of Misty Island collection was designed by Lost Kingdom Miniatures. 3D prints are sold under license. 

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