The Age of Sigmar is the name of the Great Epoch that marks the current historical era of the Mortal Realms and began with the return of the Ascended god Sigmar and the forces of his Stormcast Eternals to the Eight Realms during Sigmar's Tempest.

Early in the Age of Chaos, the God-King Sigmar was forced to retreat from the Mortal Realms and seal off Azyr following the loss of the forces of Order at the Battle of Burning Skies to the ascendant Chaos armies of the Everchosen Archaon.

But Sigmar did not take this loss easily. The God-King began magically transporting the mightiest of humanity's champions from the battlefields of the other Mortal Realms at the moment of their death to the Azyrian city of Sigmaron to be Reforged into the superhuman warriors known as the Stormcast Eternals.

The Age of Sigmar formally began when the Stormcast Eternals of the Hammers of Sigmar Stormhost were sent to the Brimstone Peninsula of Aqshy to open the Gate of Azyr called the Whispering Gate located there and begin the Realmgate Wars to retake the Eight Realms for the forces of Order.

Sigmar was determined to use the Stormcast Eternals as the tip of a spear that would reclaim portions of the Mortal Realms for Order, whereupon other mortals drawn from Sigmar's empire in Azyr and the liberated lands themselves would found new cities and nations to reclaim reality from the grip of the Dark Gods.

In this way, Sigmar hoped to eventually restore the realms to the peace and glory their civilisations had known during the Age of Myth, though as ever the forces of the Ruinous Powers would not surrender their hold on reality without a fight.

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