GNOME TEAM: DICE Games Workshop Blood Bowl

GNOME TEAM: DICE Games Workshop Blood Bowl SALE

Games Workshop

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Even with their magical illusions, Gnome teams will need all the luck they can get in games of Blood Bowl, which is where these themed dice come in.

Dazzle your rivals with every roll of these Gnome Team themed dice, cast in a mystical pearlescent blue, with red markings. Each six-sided standard dice in this set features the pointed hat and curly-toed shoes symbol of the Gnomes Team in place of the '6' pips, to remind your opponents just what they're dealing with.

This set contains all of the dice you need to play. It includes:
– 3x Blood Bowl Block dice
– 2x 6-sided dice with the Gnome Team logo in place of the '6' face
– 1x 8-sided Blood Bowl Scatter dice
– 1x 16-sided dice

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