EMPIRE: ERGUN BATTLEFLEET SET Warcradle Studios Dystopian Wars

EMPIRE: ERGUN BATTLEFLEET SET Warcradle Studios Dystopian Wars SALE

Warcradle Studios

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The Ergun Assault Battleship has no peer when it comes to leading landing operations. Most naval forces believe in the idea of multiple, smaller vessels. Admitting that while they may lose some, they can’t lose them all. The Emperor believes that losing troops before they’ve even made landfall is madness. To this end, the Empire built the Ergun. A resilient battleship that can take the fire of coastal defences before reaching its target. Volleys of alchemical rockets and gun battery fire pummel into enemy emplacements and shore defences as the vessel closes in. This makes the Ergun a huge target for fire which canny Commodores can make use of by setting up feints and counterattacks. This helps to mitigate the damage taken by the Assault battleship before it reaches the shoreline. Then with a clash of metal, the ramp descends and the assault begins. Once the troops have disembarked the paddlewheels easily extricate the behemoth from the land and back to sea, all the better to support the troops from afar.


1x Ergun Assault Battleship
(may also be built as Heilong Class)
2x Diyu Immolation Cruisers
(may also be built as Yaoji, Mekong, Wuhan, Lantau or Qiang Class)
2x Hexie Hover Zebeks
2x SRS Landing Troops
Please Note:

Miniatures are supplied unpainted and some assembly will be required.

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