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The Fae Queen features Titania unearthed after she found new power amongst the old growth. Spreading her wings and embracing the skeletal remains of those who have patiently waited for her return, the Fae Queen prepares to claim what is rightfully hers once more: everything.

This Iconic box includes the imposing and intimidating Fae Queen, Titania, standing tall and proud at nearly 140mm. She will look fantastic painted up and showcased on your shelf. This model will come unassembled in hard PVC so that the fine details will be kept without the complexity of building a large model. Additionally, a preassembled playable version of the sculpt will also be included so that you can field a smaller version of Titania in your next game of Malifaux.

An M3E stat card for the original Titania will also be included.

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