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In the distance, what appeared to be an Imperium zeppelin floated towards the Khan Heavy Platform "Khüchirkheg Tsaiz". Tiny imperfections, like dust motes on the horizon, showed it wasn’t alone. The crew had been warned that an attack was incoming but were prepared; they knew that the Imperium fleet was stretched across the multiple platforms that held this part of the Barents Sea. These men had defended their post before and would do so again. To either side, they saw some of the other platforms, and through binoculars, they noted fists pumping the air in defiance. Only then did they recognise the silhouette was not just any zeppelin but a Maximilian Aerial Linebreaker. Cheers of resistance were silenced, and crewmen steeled themselves against the coming terror. They’d been briefed on the Maxamilian’s shield generators and bombards while some of the crew looked about the deck and wondered which of them would not make it through the day.


1x Maximilian Aerial Linebreaker
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