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A Warhammer Novel

In the Chaos-infested wastes, two Empire soldiers find that the strongest of friends can soon become the bitterest of enemies. As they race towards a final cataclysmic showdown, the fate of their souls will be sealed forever.


It's an exploration of friendship, rivalry, and Chaos set in the wintry lands of Kislev, a truly unique example of Warhammer storytelling that could only have come from the pen of Dan Abnett.


In the Chaos-infested wastes, the strongest of friendships can easily be manipulated into the deadliest of rivalries. Far to the north of the Empire lie the dreaded Chaos Wastes, a dark landscape permeated by the corrupting magic of Chaos and home to the servants of the Dark Gods. Standing between this gateway to hell and the civilised world lies the frozen land of Kislev, bastion against the rising tide of evil. Two Empire soldiers get their first taste of battle as they join the campaign to repel the savage Northern Tribes. As the winter draws in, the last major battle sees their destinies thrown into turmoil as circumstances tear them apart and throw them onto opposite sides.

Written by Dan Abnett.

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