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The military optimism of the Union is exemplified by their enthusiastic bellows whenever a Union dirigible passes overhead. I’ve had multiple reports from assets placed in vital positions describing their, please excuse the term, “hooting and hollering”. Of course, it shows a lack of engineering skill that they aren’t simply appalled by the reliance on newfangled airship designs over our vastly superior, tried-and-tested rotorcraft. Admittedly they seem to be doing well spreading their influence thanks to the smaller fuel requirements of those designs, but I have no doubt that a minor rerouting of supply lines will remedy the problem. We simply have to make recommendations to any of our forces that they should make an effort to destroy any Bogota Carryalls which accompany the airships so as to cause problems with their logistics. I understand that won’t be easy while taking fire from the airships themselves, but my suggestions certainly make theoretical sense.

Commodore Gerald St.John-Smythe, debriefing to the Crown Military Intelligence Service


2x Republic Cloudraker Airships
(may also be built as Constellation, Ticonderoga, Steward or Ranger Class)
2x Bogota Carryall Rotor
2x SRS Tokens
Please Note:

Miniatures are supplied unpainted and some assembly will be required.

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