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Only moments ago the Alliance patrol was chugging peacefully along. Now there was only chaos and violence. The patrol was making routine rounds 205 Nautical miles from the Bay of Oiapoque that marked the border with SUSA and the Union of Federated States. Merely two days ag this stretch of sea was devoid of any points of interest. Now there was a Farpoint Sentry Platform. The Union had managed to put this into pace with remarkable speed. While technically far enough out to see to not be a breach of any treaties, the Alliance Commodore, Saulo Rezende saw this as an insult. Without any visible backup, he decided to make a name for himself by taking the platform. Had his crew spotted the shapes getting bigger on the horizon, COMO Rezende may have decided against it. Cheyanne Hunter Submarines rose to the surface and unleashed torpedoes against the now outnumbered patrol. Akron Sentry Rotors flew from the skies, hidden in the glare of the midday sun. More terrifying than all of them, a pair of John Henry Vitruvian Colossi had raced in from distance and crushed frigates and cruisers alike with great hammers that annihilated whole sections of a vessel at a time sending men to their watery grave before they could realise what was happening. The last thing that Commodore Saulo Rezende thought of was the skill of the trap that ended him. That, and the crews he had led to their doom.

This box contains:

2x John Henry Vitruvian Colossus
2x Akron Sentry Rotors
2x Cheyanne Hunter Submarine
2x Union Farpoint Sentry Platform
2x Talon SRS Tokens
2x Valiant Fast Destroyer

Please note:

Miniatures are supplied unpainted and some assembly will be required.
Unit Cards are not included and can be found on the Dystopian Wars website.

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