WHITE DWARF 489 Games Workshop Warhammer 40000

WHITE DWARF 489 Games Workshop Warhammer 40000 SALE

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CONTACT! Letters, questions and pictures of miniatures sent in by you, our readers.

WORLDS OF WARHAMMER It’s pronunciation 101 with Callum Davis. This time the Leagues of Votann are in the spotlight

INSIDE THE STUDIO What have we been painting and playing in the studio recently? Find out right here!

WARHAMMER 40,000 A TALE OF FOUR WARLORDS The 2023 series begins! Meet the warlords for the new series and see their first models.

FLASHPOINT HERALD OF MISERY: THE IRON CRUSADE - With the Key-fragment secured, Warsmith Czagra begins a new crusade of destruction. - Includes rules for using Corrupted Floor Tiles and a brand new Boarding Actions mission with six different Map layouts.

ECHOES FROM THE WARP How are missions created for Boarding Actions? Have a peek behind this curtain…

GALACTIC WARHOSTS: THE UNFORGIVEN A gallery of green-armoured (mostly), robe-wearing (sometimes), secretive Dark Angels!

THE MAZE OF MALYS A Skysplinter Assassin negotiates a web of lies and deceit in this short story.

WARHAMMER AGE OF SIGMAR FLASHPOINT RONDHOL: ALL-CONSUMING EARTH - Ka-rokk’s Waaagh! has disappeared. Everquake City is saved! Or is it? - Includes the ending of the Great Stomp Campaign, alongside the Siege of Everquake City battleplan. Also includes a linked Warcry battleplan named Subterranean Sabotage that can be played with the tiles from Warhammer Quest: Cursed City.

CONSTRUCTING EVERQUAKE CITY - A modelling guide showing you how the duardin built the walls of Everquake City. - Provides a guide for scratch-building Everquake City terrain, detailing the construction and painting of the walls, broken walls, gateways and stairs.

BATTLE REPORT: DA GREAT SIEGE - Six armies clash in this 5,000-point battle to decide the fate of Everquake City. - A massive battle report sees the Stormcast Eternals, Cities of Sigmar, and Kharadron Overlords defend Everquake against the Orruk Warclans, Gloomspite Gitz and Sons of Behemat.

KILL TEAM APPREHEND THE PRISONER - A new three-player narrative mission for Kill Team featuring the Cult of the Unshackled! - The Cult of the Unshackled receives two Datasheets, three Strategic Ploys, and three Tactical Ploys.

WARCRY BUILT UPON BLOOD - New quests for Soulblight Gravelords in Warcry. Blood is a common theme throughout. - Includes three Soulblight Gravelords Quests, with each one providing the player with either Relics, Heroic Traits, or bespoke Battleplan. - Also included are Soulblight Gravelords Background Tables for first names, last names, origins and leader background.

WARCRY BATTLE REPORT: THE EVERQUAKE VAULT - Da Choppas infiltrate the vaults of Everquake City. - The Stormcast Eternals take on the Ironjawz in Subterranean Sabotage with the Warhammer Quest: Cursed City tiles in use.

WARHAMMER: THE HORUS HERESY LINE BREAKERS - The Vindicator Siege Tank rumbles to the fore with three Age of Darkness missions.

SPECIAL FEATURES BLACK LIBRARY – GROMBRINDAL: ANCESTOR’S BURDEN – NO GOD’S LAND - Old Rigo and his ragtag band reach the ancient Karak Thorga. But what lies within? - Part 5 of the Grombrindal short story series by Chris Thursten.

Each physical copy of issue 489 also comes with a sheet of game tiles for Boarding Actions games.

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