ZIS-30 TANK DESTROYER Warlord Games Bolt Action

ZIS-30 TANK DESTROYER Warlord Games Bolt Action SALE

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Born out of the Soviet Union's desperate need in 1941 for mobile anti-tank guns to halt the inexorable advance of Nazi Germany deep into the heart of the Motherland, the ZiS-30 married the rugged Komsomolets artillery tractor with the proven ZiS-2 divisional gun. Over 100 Komsomolets tractors were converted to this tank destroyer hybrid.

The first ZiS-30 tank destroyers were sent to the Western and Southern Front in September 1941, where they performed well against Hitler's panzers. Despite their ungainly appearance, the gun could, in theory, fire up to 25 rounds a minute, although under combat conditions this is likely to be somewhat less. The tractors existing ball-mounted hull machine gun was retained in the ZiS-30 for engaging enemy infantry directly.

Contains one resin and metal self-propelled gun, Bolt Action stat card, vehicle damage markers, full colour waterslide decals, Bolt Action order die.

Models supplied unassembled and unpainted

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